Industrial Equipment Covers

We are the leading provider of protective cover solutions to industrial markets in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota. Our industrial covers are extremely durable, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, easy to install and, most importantly, affordable.

We make custom industrial equipment covers. If your looking for commercial waterproof equipment covers or commercial tarp coverings we can provide you with a custom design it to have the perfect fit. With over 18 years of experience providing custom covers we can provide you with a professional hand crafted cover that will protect your equipment for many years.

Industrial Tarp Covers

We make oil rig tarps, oil rig enclosures, heavy rigging, service truck bed tarp covers, crane cab covers, generator covers and other custom tarps.

We offer a wide range of covers for most

Bucket Truck Covers
Computer Console Covers
Crane Window Covers
Custom Cement Tarps
Custom Crane Cab Covers
Custom Made Canvas Covers
Custom Made Machine Covers
Equipment Covers and Tarps
Food Equipment Covers
Heavy Equipment Covers
Heavy Rigging Covers
Industrial Covers
Industrial Storage Tarps
Instrument Covers
Instrument Panel Covers
Insulated Covers
Insulated Tarpolines
Insulated Tarps
Machine Cover Manufacturing
Machine Covers

Marine Ship Tarps
Mining Equipment Covers
Mining Utility Covers
Oil Well Canopy Covers
Oil Well Equipment Covers
Oil Well Machine Covers
Padded Crane Cab Covers
Padded Crane Covers
Pipe line Custom Covers
Protective Covers
Railroad Car Covers
Railroad Travel Covers
Rigging Tarps & Covers
Tractor Covers
Utility Equipment Covers
Waterproof Cab Covers
Waterproof Electrical Covers
Waterproof Machine Tarps
Waterproof Tarps

We manufacture a wide variety of tarps and covers for nearly any industrial application. We specialize in custom industrial equipment covers and provide tarpaulins for trucks, equipment covers, trailers, sports fields, daily trash and soil piles, shade covers and more.

Our Warranty

All our custom industrial equipment covers have a 1 year warranty.

We provide commercial equipment covers or commercial tarp coverings in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, South Dakota.